Practical Meeting 300 years anniversary


Practical Meeting 300 years activity oft he Baruth Glasworks, 1716-2016
Alte Hütte (old furnace hall), Museumsdorf Baruther Glashütte, 25. September 2016, 2-6pm

Lectures/contributions (first draft)
_12-12.45h Welcome and lecture on „300 years activity of the Baruth Glassworks“, Lecturer: Georg Goes, head of Museum Baruth Glass Works
_12.45-13.30h Glasdesign from Halle, exhibition stroll and report on experiences, Lecturer: Peter Kuchinke (Halle, Mydal) and students
_13.45-14.30h Manual glass production as intangible heritage?, Lecturer: Katrin Holthaus (Glashütte Gernheim – LWL Industrial Museum)
_14.30-15.45h Practical visit in the Glass studio/coffee break in the studio
_15.45-16.15h Scandinavian Studio glass – A worksho report, Lecturer: Maja Heuer (Sweden) - proposed
16.15-16.45h Glaspool – a new network, Lecturer: Xenia Riemann - proposed
17.00-18.00h Statements of 15 minutes (Application are welcome)
18.15- 18.45h Prize award oft he „most beautiful glass“ made during the design week in the Baruth Glassworks
19.30h onwards Dinner in Alte Hütte (former furnace hall) or Gasthof Reuner (factory inn)